wool painting

This is a very physical painting technique which combines craftsmanship with industrial production. I paint with wool fibers on polyester needlefelt. I try to utilize the individual structure and characteristics of the wool. Wool that I both dye and leave as it is. The final production of the carpet is done in a needlefelt factory where I can work with their machine, enabling the large scale. Photos by Olivia Jezmyck and Lasse Forsberg

it´s alive 080416-0003

198 x 235 cm

Ung7/Young Swedish design Award 2009

it´s alive 080417-0002

198 x 235 cm

it´s alive 080417-0001

198 x 235 cm

Sheep color #06675, 170x240 cm


In many countries sheep-farming is a large-scale enterprise. The sheep are not perceived as individuals but are just as a herd or mob. In Sweden all sheep are registered individually and assigned a number. Many of the country’s stock are held by sheep-farming enthusiasts practicing with devotion. In my carpets, the wool from each individual sheep has contributed to the palette, and their individual wool characteristic has been used to create patterns and structure.

mountain N°1

150 x 150 cm

mountain N°2

150 x 150 cm

soft memorie

220 x 150 cm

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